Joe Biden - In his first speech to Congress: "We compete with China and other countries to win the 21st century"

Joe Biden - In his first speech to Congress: "We compete with China and other countries to win the 21st century"


Joe Biden – Is the new democratic leader of the USA after beating Trump in the 2020 US elections. Joe Biden has a different leadership style to Trump 7 was president Obama’s vice president! Read all the latest Joe Biden News Today.


Joe Biden promised an important employment and health plan accessible to all before a semi-empty Capitol, whereof the 1,600 people who usually attend, the capacity was only 200 due to the health measures for COVID-19


The president of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke to Congress for the first time on Wednesday, in a speech in which he expressed his will to reform, particularly in fiscal matters.

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Joe Biden, wearing a mask, was greeted with applause, as he took the stage in his first speech in a joint session, in the middle of a pandemic. The venue was with many of its seats empty, a sample of the security measures for the coronavirus: instead of the 1,600 people who usually attend, the capacity was 200.


On the eve of fulfilling the first and symbolic 100 days in power, Biden presented his project for "American families", which contains a "historic investment" in education and children, for an amount close to 2 trillion dollars.


This is the first time that a US president has addressed a bicameral session flanked by two women, Vice President Kamala Harris and Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


"After 100 days, I have come to say that America is on the move again," he said at the beginning of his speech.


The Democratic President Joe Biden assured that he had promised 100 million vaccines in 100 days, "but we have given 220 million vaccines in 100 days," he said.

"Now everyone is eligible to get vaccinated," he added. "Right now, immediately, go get vaccinated, Americans."


"We all know, life can hit us hard," he said in another part of the speech, in which he recalled the hard time the country is going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “But in America, we never ever, never lower our arms! Americans always get up, that's what we are doing. "


The Democratic president Joe Biden promised that this year his administration will find a way to cut child poverty by half.


"I can say that because of you, the American people, our progress over the past 100 days against one of the worst pandemics in history has been one of the greatest logistical achievements in American history," Joe Biden said.


In contrast to his predecessor Donald Trump, the Democratic president Joe Biden recognized the problem facing the United States and the world due to climate change. “For a long time, we did not use the main word to face the climate crisis: when I think about climate change, I think about creating jobs.”


On this issue, Joe Biden assured that facing the problem of climate change also implies a change in the industry such as the move to renewable energy.



“The USA Jobs outlay will encourage engineers and construction workers to work creating more energy-efficient buildings and houses," Joe Biden said. "The USA Jobs outlay will help millions of individuals get back on track to their jobs and loved careers."


“Wall Street did not build this country. It was the middle class. And the unions built the middle class,”he added.


Joe Biden said he has created 1,300,000 jobs in 100 days, "more than any other president in his first 100 days."


In something in which his speech did not change concerning his predecessor, Joe Biden emphasized the need to create jobs in the United States and for the country to regain its centrality in the world. "We compete with China and other countries to win the 21st century," he said.


"The United States will face unfair trade practices that undermine American workers and industries," he said of the trade war with the Asian giant.


“All investments in the American Jobs Plan will be guided by one principle:" Buy American products, "Joe Biden said.


Joe Biden said that to win the competition for the future, they also need to invest in American families so they can thrive.


The $ 1.8 billion plan includes funding for universal preschool education, two years of free college, and a national child care program, among other measures.


“When our country universalized 12 years of public education in the last century, it made us the best-educated and best-prepared nation in the world," he said. "Twelve years is no longer enough today to compete in the 21st century," Joe Biden added.


Joe Biden also considered that "it is time" for large corporations and the richest in the United States, which is 1% "pay their fair share" of taxes.


"Only the fair share," Joe Biden reiterated in his speech, in which he pointed out that fortunes and large companies have to help by paying with their taxes for the public investments that his government intends to undertake.


Joe Biden pointed out that a recent study claims that 55 percent of large companies paid "zero" federal taxes last year, and achieved $ 40 billion in profits, while many evaded taxes or took benefits and deductions for employing employees its workers in other countries. "And that's not right," he denounced.


"I will not impose any tax increases on people who earn less than $ 400,000 a year," he said. “It’s time for American businesses and the richest 1% of Americans to pay their fair share.”


"The IRS (tax agency) will be tough on the millionaires and billionaires who cheat with their taxes," he added.


Joe Biden pushed the Republican pressure during his first speech to bond with Democrats in restricting access to guns.


"I don't want to be belligerent or anything, but we need more Republicans to join the vast majority of their Democratic colleagues in closing loopholes and imposing background checks to buy a gun," the president said.


In difference to his predecessor, the Joe Biden also spoke to the LGBTI community. “I want them to know that their president supports them, " he said.

On international politics, Biden made it clear to Putin that he does not want an escalation of the conflict between the US and Russia. However, Joe Biden warned that any action by Moscow will have consequences.


"I responded directly and proportionately to Russia's interference in our elections and cyber-attacks on our government and companies," Joe Biden said, referring to the sanctions they imposed on Russia.


"We will work with our allies to respond to the threats posed by Iran and North Korea through diplomacy and strong deterrence,” he said.


Joe Biden also assured that the US will remain firm in its commitment to defend human rights throughout the world, including in China, which considers these attempts as interference by Washington.


On the other hand, Joe Biden promised that the United States will have a more active role to face the COVID-19 pandemic in the world that has left more than 3 million dead. "The US will make an arsenal of vaccines for other countries," he said.


Joe Biden also mentioned the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, which will be completed by next September when the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and stressed that this war should never have lasted that long.



Almost at the end of his speech, Joe Biden urged that the Legislature approved this year a regulation that grants protection to "dreamers", undocumented young people who arrived in the country as minors.


The Democratic president - who seeks to make a difference concerning the harsh immigration policy adopted by Donald Trump - also called for protecting migrants benefiting from the Temporary Protection Statute (TPS) for originating from countries that suffer natural catastrophes or political violence.


“If you think we need a secure border, approve it. If you believe in a path to citizenship, approve it. If you want to solve the problem, I have sent you the project, now please approve it, "said Joe Biden.