Biden News Conference Today: Biden will unveil $1.8 trillion tax plan to Congress

Biden News Conference Today: Biden will unveil $1.8 trillion tax plan to Congress


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More taxes to the rich to finance the middle classes. End of Trump's cuts

Biden News Conference Today reported the stakes are high; the future of America is at stake. Joe Biden, in his first appearance before Congress 100 days after his inauguration in the White House, calls Republicans and Democrats to maximum responsibility, convinced that the pandemic can become an opportunity to build a country that is not only more modern and sustainable but also fairer from an economic and social point of view.

Biden News Conference Today

Thus, rattling off the priorities of his agenda point by point, Biden presents the $ 1.8 trillion plan on the plate for American families.


And Biden News Conference Today announced the richest will pay in part, with the US president laying a tombstone on Donald Trump's 2017 tax cut.


A recipe that is anything but easy to make, with political opponents already on a war footing against a "Robin Hood version" president, and many discontents even among the most moderate Democrats displaced by Biden's "quiet radicalism" that increasingly appeals to the left dem. The road, therefore, promises to be all uphill. The former right-hand man of Barack Obama knows this and for this, he appeals to a sense of responsibility, because after the pandemic crisis, we do not limit ourselves to returning to 'business as usual' but a real turning point is created that transforms the country from leave to the next generations.


Listening to the speech at the Biden News Conference Today is not the usual crowd of politicians and guests, but only a few deputies and senators to comply with the strict anti-Covid rules. Around Capitol Hill, on the other hand, deployment of men with few precedents, including over two thousand soldiers of the National Guard: therefore, maximum alert, even in the absence of concrete threats, because of the wound of the tragic assault of last January 6 by the Trump supporter’s assault in which five people died.


Biden recalls a hundred days ago I inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War! Now, after just one hundred days, I can say that America is on its way again ": these are the words that American President Joe Biden will pronounce in front of Congress based on the advances released by the White House according to latest reports from the Biden News Conference Today.


"My plan for jobs and families will create millions of jobs in the years to come and bring trillions of dollars in economic growth," said Joe Biden in his speech to Congress that the White House released some previews.