They denounce Joe Biden for applying an economic blow to the Trumpist states

They denounce Joe Biden for applying an economic blow to the Trumpist states

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It is to establish a tax on the emission of greenhouse gases, a measure that will make it difficult for the regional agrarian economies.


Twelve US states have sued the Administration of President Joe Biden for trying to establish a "social cost" of greenhouse gas emissions in what some governors consider an "inherently speculative" measure.


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Joe Biden News - In their lawsuit, the regional authorities have argued that the executive order issued in this regard by the current Democratic president constitutes an "overreach" and involves exercising a power that rests in the hands of Congress.


"Establishing the social cost of the emission of greenhouse gases is an intrinsically speculative task, charged with political colour and that implies trying to predict unknown contingencies such as future migrations, international conflicts and natural catastrophes for hundreds of years in the future", he collects the text, filed in a Missouri state court.


Thus, the document clarifies that this task falls to Congress since it is "its exclusive authority." Joe Biden's executive order urged an intergovernmental group to try to establish the "social cost" of emitting carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxide.


However, Joe Biden is not the first president to try to fix these costs. Former President Barack Obama succeeded in establishing the "social cost" of coal, an amount that the Donald Trump Administration increased.


The idea is that this cost helps the Government determine the advantages and disadvantages of implementing regulations that have various impacts on greenhouse gas emissions.


Joe Biden News - However, the lawsuit states that these costs could have a "huge" regulatory impact. "These numbers can suppose a massive increase of the regulatory restrictions on the agricultural practices, the production of energy, the use of the same or any other economic activity that results from the emission of this type of gases", they pointed out.


In a statement, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has stated that he is at the forefront of the coalition of Republican prosecutors who have sued the Administration for this reason.


"President Joe Biden's executive order, which has no authority to issue ... could leave Missouri workers who have worked the land all their lives in the gutter," he lamented. The rest of the states that have joined are Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah, all states where Trumpism triumphed in the last elections.