Joe Biden News: Biden runs out of dogs in the White House after bodyguard attacked

Joe Biden News: Biden runs out of dogs in the White House after bodyguard attacked

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The conceited Biden couple, their two dogs, will no longer be part of the White House after an attack on a member of the presidential security.


Joe Biden News reported, after Major, one of the dogs of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the first lady, Jill Biden, assaulted a bodyguard, the decision was made to transfer the two German Shepherds (Major and Champ) to Wilmington.


The incident between the three-year-old dog and the security personnel occurred last week, and although the victim's state of health is unknown, the decision has been made.


Let's remember that before Joe Biden's inauguration as president, on January 20, the couple announced that they would move to the White House with their dogs and that they would bring a cat. However, the incident did not allow this to continue to be possible.


According to several sources, the younger of Biden’s two shepherds has a restless demeanour and has been seen several times barking, jumping, and "ramming" the staff and security members of the presidential mansion.


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Champ, who is 13 years old, is slower due to his age and was acquired by president Joe Biden and the first lady after the 2008 presidential election in which the former Delaware senator became vice president of the government of Barack Obama (2009- 2017), and “Major” was adopted in 2018.


Joe Biden News stated, Major is the first dog out of a kennel to ever live in the White House, and both he and Champ, who Joe Biden acquired from a white house breeder, have often been seen playing on the mansion lawn in the last weeks.


They have also appeared in the Oval Office, along with their owner, Joe Biden News reported!