Joe Biden announced the end of support for Saudi-led offensive operations earlier this week

Joe Biden announced the end of support for Saudi-led offensive operations earlier this week

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Biden News Now reported the Joe Biden administration declared that it is removing the terrorist designation for Iran- backed Houthi militia in Yemen, reversing a move made in the final days of the Donald Trump administration and the latest sign of a different approach to the Middle East ravaged by war.


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"After a thorough review, we can confirm that [Secretary of State Antony Blinken] intends to revoke Ansar Allah's Specially Designated Global Terrorist and Foreign Terrorist Organization designations,” said a State Department spokesman.


"We've officially informed Congress of the Secretary's decision to remove these designations and we intend to supply more details in the coming days."


The United States has provided support to the Saudis in the conflict and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo imposed sanctions on the Houthis and designated them a "foreign terrorist organization" (FTO).


That decision was part of the government’s attempts to disassociate Iran, however, back the Saudis in the area.


"The Trump government acknowledged reality," Pompeo insisted the prior month. "The Houthi duress is rebelled, supported by the church-state, the kleptocracy that orders the Islamic democratic-state of Iran.


The Houthis seized territory, including the capital of Sanaa, in 2014. Due to that, a Saudi-driven partnership executed a military mediation during 2015. The conflict has killed 112,000 people and destroyed the country's infrastructure.

Biden News Now - Estimates from the United Nations say that 13.5 million Yemenis face food insecurity.


A modern UN dossier stated there was an "expanding frame" of testimony displaying that the Iranian movement is sending weapons and weapons components to the Houthis, including anti-tank guided missiles, sniper rifles, and RPB launchers, all with consistent markings with those made in Iran.


Plus, the report also blamed all members involved for "ongoing and mainstream abuse of simple human rights, plus global power with impunity; and escalations in the fighting and its impact on the civilian population, including displacement."


However, UN experts, as well as international aid groups, had opposed the appointment by the Donald Trump administration, which feared it would hamper peace talks and complicate the delivery of humanitarian aid.


Biden News Now reported the State Department said Friday that the decision "has nothing to do with our opinion of the Houthis and their reprehensible conduct, including the attacks on civilians and the kidnapping of US citizens."