Biden News Today: The Middle East, a bombing and sanctions, but no ambitions with that

Biden News Today: The Middle East, a bombing and sanctions, but no ambitions with that 


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Biden & Middle East

The first contours of Joe Biden's Middle East policy are very carefully visible. But he does not yet show any real ambitions.


Anyone who wants to know what the new president of the US thinks about the Middle East and American interests there can use the calendar. Biden News Today states, less than a week after an Iranian-backed militia fired missiles at a base in Iraq where Americans work, Joe Biden's answer came: a bombing of Iran-affiliated groups in Syria.


It took much longer for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Joe Biden. It was less than a month after his appointment that he was able to congratulate him personally, an eternity for such an important ally.


And for an indefinite period, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Salman is on the diplomatic criminal bench. Last Friday, the Joe Biden administration released an intelligence report on the death 2018 of Saudi journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Biden News Today - That puts the official stamp on what has long been known: that the US sees the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia as the originator of that murder.


The State Department created a new category of entry bans against officials who violate activists and journalists outside their home countries. Its official name: the Khashoggi ban. But while he won't be invited to Washington anytime soon, the list of 76 Saudi officials to be the first to receive such a ban does not include Mohammed bin Salman. That went a little too far for the Joe Biden government with such an important ally.

Trump already knew this too

Biden News Today reported, that's how Donald Trump thought about it. He kept the report on the murder secret. He stressed that Mohammed bin Salman maintained that he was unaware of what would have been an arbitrary action by his bodyguards. And in the same breath, the then US president added that Saudi Arabia had bought 400 billion worth of weapons in the US in a short period.


But they are not yet being delivered - the Joe Biden government is studying whether the transaction is in the national interest and whether they will not be used in the civil war in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and Iran are in an unexplained war.


Biden said on Friday that he has emphasized in a telephone conversation with Saudi King Salman that from now on a different wind will blow when it comes to human rights. Biden News Today reports he wants to provide clarity on Monday about how he sees the relationship with the country.


Political swamp

Biden and the Middle East: When added together, this does not yet provide a clear picture of Joe Biden's Middle East policy. And maybe that is exactly the right picture at the same time. While Joe Biden certainly has ideas about it, he knows from experience - as a senator and vice president - how quickly the peacemaking ambitions of US presidents get stuck in the political quagmire that is the Middle East.


Biden News Today - Foreign experts in the US noticed that after President Biden took office, the Middle East section of the National Security Council had to hand in personnel in favour of the South Asia section.


And at the Department of Defence, the new Secretary of State, Lloyd Austin, has appointed three advisers on what he sees as the most important challenges for the time to come: China, the corona pandemic, and climate change.