Biden News Conference Today: US Senate discusses Biden's cabinet nomination

Biden News Conference Today: US Senate discusses Biden's cabinet nomination

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The US Senate this Thursday will continue to debate the proposals presented to form the cabinet of President Joe Biden.


Xavier Becerra will be the first Latino to become secretary of the United States Department of Health.


Biden News Conference Today - The US Senate announced from its official website that different committees of the legislative body analyzed this Wednesday the nominations made by President Joe Biden to join his cabinet.


“The Finance group will gather this morning for the second of three selection faculties this week. Biden News - I am pleased to welcome Attorney General Xavier Becerra, nominated by President Biden to head the Department of Health and Human Services,” said the Chairman of the United States Senate Finance Committee, Ron Wayden.


At the same time, Wayden declared that Xavier Becerra's nomination as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services is "historic because he would be the first Latino secretary" to hold the aforementioned government position.


“In this committee, a special focus of our work during this Congress will be to address inequality in all its forms. In America, inequality is deadly. If you didn't believe it before the pandemic, you can't question it now, “insisted Ron Wayden.


Likewise, the chairman of the Finance Committee of the United States Senate stated that “dealing with this crisis goes hand in hand with the need to expand and improve health care for women in general since the last four years have been a nightmare for women's health”.

Biden News reported, on Thursday the audience will issue its considerations about the nomination of Katherine C. Tai to occupy the position of Trade Representative of the United States, with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.


US Senator Mike Crapo also spoke at a hearing last Tuesday to consider the nomination of Adewale O. Adeyemo to serve as undersecretary of the Treasury. For its part, the Commission on Energy and Natural Resources appreciated the appointment of Debra Anne Haaland as Secretary of the Interior.