Biden News Conference: The Biden team has set even more ambitious goals for vaccination

Biden News Conference: The Biden team has set even more ambitious goals for vaccination

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Biden News Conference - At first, the plan to administer 100 million vaccines in 100 days sounded a bit ambitious. 


Today, one month into the presidency, Joe Biden is about to achieve the goal and is launching much further on the most ambitious and overwhelming mission of vaccinating all eligible elders against the Covid-19 outbreak prior to the fall of the summer.


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The limited supply of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines has affected the pace of vaccinations, even before winter weather delayed the delivery of approximately 6 million doses last week. But the United States is on the verge of making a supply breakthrough by increasing manufacturing, with the expectation of a third vaccine available in the coming weeks. 


That suggests the action of distributing the injections is likely to become the most notable thing that prompts the Biden administration to push to dramatically expand the number of people giving the injections and the vaccination centres.


"It's one scenario to hold the vaccine and a difference to insert it into an individual’s arms," ​​The President said Friday during a visit to the Pfizer factory in Portage, Michigan at a Biden News Conference.


Plus, the association is planning to duplicate its vaccine distribution quota in the approaching weeks.


Since their approval in December, more than 75 million of Moderna and Pfizer's two-dose vaccines have been distributed, of which 63 million have been administered, reaching 13% of Americans. However, almost 45 million of those quantities have been conducted since Biden taking office on January 20.


The speed of circulation of these vaccines is due to explode. Biden News Conference - Approximately 125 million doses are to be delivered in the next five weeks, with an additional 200 million planned for the end of May and another 200 million by the end of July.