Biden News: Joe Biden is everything but a makeshift says US political scientist

Biden News: Joe Biden is everything but a makeshift says US political scientist   


Biden has been criticised by NY scientist and referred to as an improvised President.

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In an interview with Diario Libre USA, he warned about the political, social, and health crisis that Joe Biden will have to face


“You can say many things about Biden, but something that can hardly be attributed to him is that he is improvised. The criticism that could be given about his administration is that we will see more of the same, of the Obama years and the same type of policies, "said the associate professor of government and vice-chancellor of international affairs at Cornell University in Ithaca New York, Gustavo Flores-Macías.


In an interview with Diario Libre USA conducted by Biden News, the political scientist assured that the people that the president-elect of the USA Joe Biden has appointed in the different cabinets are prepared people, with experience and who have already worked with him.


“The criticism that could be made about this new administration is that we will see more of the same. See more of the Obama years and the same type of policies, which worked to a certain extent, and which also left many people dissatisfied and for that same reason President Trump won, and for the same reason almost won re-election, "said Flores.


The political scientist also spoke about the economic consequences of COVID-19 for the United States and the importance of Biden prioritizing the coronavirus vaccine to move to a new phase of economic reactivation.


The top priority now is to build an education showcase so that people drop their fear of receiving the vaccine because for people to discuss economic strength, the pandemic outbreak must be overcome," said Flores.


The policy expert highlighted the fear that exists among the population to receive the vaccine and believes that this should be a priority, which he justified by citing a survey of health workers by the AP agency and the NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research, where about 50% of doctors and nurses were reluctant to get vaccinated.


Gustavo Flores-Macías, associate professor of government at the College of Arts and Sciences and associate vice-chancellor for international affairs at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.


Two realities in the US

According to Biden News Conference Today, among the proposals for his first hundred days in office, President-elect Joe Biden has promised the creation of 18.6 million jobs and increase corporate tax rates, among other economic measures that help alleviate the economic crisis caused by COVID- 19, in which Congress has also played its part by approving two stimulus checks, one at the beginning of the pandemic and another that has already begun to reach most American households.


For Flores, the promise of job creation is feasible; however, he understands that the real challenge of this new Joe Biden administration will be to create permanent, short-term, or long-term vacancies that are well paid. Above all, because it considers that in the United States there are two realities: those who kept their jobs and those who lost them.


“This is the second pandemics in the USA, that of top-tier workers, in which it was possible to continue grafting remotely, who sustained their income level or perhaps did better, and the pandemic of those who lost their jobs, have had to cash unemployment checks, have not been able to pay rent, or have had to continue working in precarious conditions, exposing themselves to the pandemic. This last sector is where the Joe Biden government should focus its efforts, "said Flores.


He also assured Biden News Conference Today, that the latter is a sector where it is difficult to generate well-paid jobs. Above all, in the trend that exists in the United States of the precariousness of employment through Uber and technologies of this type, which help people to cope with the economic situation, but not to have a long-term income, to be able to count on savings, or to be able to think about a comfortable retirement, far from it.


“If the Joe Biden administration creates jobs, I think it's not a difficult thing to do with such a high unemployment rate. But helping people to get well-paid jobs, training them to generate skills that help them get these types of jobs, that will be much more difficult in the short term, "said the political scientist.


Flores informed Biden News Conference Today; the pandemic will result in a poorer and more unequal American society and highlights the importance of solutions that require collaboration across borders.


Flores assures that the victory of the Democrats in Georgia will allow them to control the agenda and approve Joe Biden's nominations for the cabinet.


“He was very regrettable about the violent events that occurred in the Capitol! It seems to me that with the control of congress the Democrats will have more room for manoeuvre to advance their government agenda. It is a fragile majority, so let's not expect anything drastic because important initiatives require 60 votes in the Senate, but this will allow Democrats to control the agenda and approve Joe Biden's nominations for the cabinet and the courts,” Flores told Biden News.


Flores-Macías is Associate Professor of Government at the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. His research focuses on the politics of economic reform and taxation and state capacity.


The interview with Biden News and Diario Libre USA was held after he participated in the annual economic event of the Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTDS), organized by the Swiss Embassy in the Dominican Republic, which was titled THINK ECONOMICS. Where several experts bet on the rapid economic recovery of the country in the next year 2021!